Carmen’s Group

Hospitality Redefined.

Carmen’s Group is a leading hospitality and entertainment brand in Hamilton, Ontario. At the core of our philosophy is a love of people and this sentiment is embodied in the heartfelt care demonstrated for guests, employees, and the community.


Our Mission

Success starts with our people. Driven by an enduring commitment to our core values we will enrich the lives of our guests,clients and community by creating extraordinary experiences.

We will pursue new opportunities that support our vision, reward our stakeholders and define the future of hospitality.


Our Vision

To be innovators and industry champions, transforming ordinary
moments into extraordinary memories.


Our Values

Innovation – We will always be at the leading edge of our industry.

Judgement – We are ego-less when searching for the best ideas.

Impact – We accomplish amazing amounts of important work, focusing on great results.

Community – We are committed to creating a better future for our community.

Integrity – Integrity and honesty are our greatest assets.

Passion – We intensely care about the success of Carmen’s Group.