Why Choose Carmen’s

Experts in creating extraordinary experiences for over 35 years.

All Inclusive Event Packages

Unique, customer-oriented event packages that address cuisine, beverage, service, accommodations, décor and event space with one, simple arrangement.

Event Planning Experts

The experience of a seasoned team of event professionals to assist you with every stage of your event planning.

Gourmet Cuisine

Gourmet cuisine developed and prepared by our culinary team led by expertly trained, Red Seal chefs with excitement and innovation in mind.

35+ Years Experience

A reputation for excellence achieved by hosting world class events for over a third of a century.

Stunning Ballrooms

A grand, elegant and timeless setting that was built with the needs of modern events in mind.

Onsite Hotel

The convenience of a shared property with Hamilton’s highly regarded Best Western Premier CHotel by Carmen's.

Preferred Partners

Access to our valued group of meticulously selected partners to assist you in arranging services related to your event.

World Class Service

Service that is honed through ongoing training with a focus on each guest’s experience and attention to detail in mind.

Star Power

Joining the exclusive company of Michael Douglas, Al Pacino, Sophia Loren, Sylvester Stallone plus many other celebrities and political figures that have selected Carmen’s as their venue destination.

Exceptional Quality

Our respect for quality as seen from our acceptance of only the freshest ingredients to the fine Royal Doulton china that they grace as they are presented.