Mama Yolanda’s Gourmet Lasagna

Gourmet food from our kitchen to yours.

Mama Yolandas Gourment LasagnaMama Yolanda’s Gourmet Lasagna is an exciting product that we at Carmen’s are proud to offer to you. In fact, our lasagna is so good that it was approved by Al Pacino himself when he visited Carmen’s in 2010 (read The Spec article here).


Our lasagna recipe dates back 7 generations. Over the many years the exact way we prepare, assemble and cook our lasagna has been finely tuned to deliver to our customers what we believe to be the world’s best lasagna.


Our Lasagna is one of our most talked about items. Over the past 32 years Carmen’s has hosted some of the world’s most famous people, including past presidents of the United States Bill Clinton and George Bush, Academy Award winning actors Michael Douglas and Sophia Loren, cast members of The Sopranos, as well as many others. One of the courses that each of these famous people enjoyed was Mama Yolanda’s Lasagna.


At Carmen’s we pride ourselves in the pursuit of perfection. With our Mama Yolanda’s Gourmet Lasagna we make no exception. Every ingredient we use is of the freshest nature; all our items are finely prepared and perfectly measured to ensure the same great taste every time you enjoy a piece of Mama Yolanda’s Lasagna.


We have spent close to one year researching, testing and comparing our lasagna recipe to similar types from all over the world, from Italy to New York. We have sampled our product to hundreds of lasagna lovers and the overwhelming response was, “This is the best I have ever tasted”.




Half Tray (6 lbs/9-12 pieces)

Fresh: $30.00
Frozen: $30.00
Cooked: $35.00 + HST


Full Tray (14 lbs/24-32 pieces)

Fresh: $60.00
Frozen: $60.00
Cooked: $65.00 + HST

Gourmet Lasagna Bolognese
Gourmet Lasagna Bolognese

Gourmet Lasagna Bolognese

A ten layer lasagna made with thin handmade pasta sheets, a rich bolognese sauce and three fresh gradated cheeses.
Italian Sausage Lasagna Bolognese

Try our ten layer Lasagna Bolognese with Italian sausage. As always, our thin homemade pasta sheets are covered with rich Bolognese sauce, accented with slices of lean, homemade Italian sausage and red pepper & onion with freshly grated cheeses.
Cajun Chicken Lasagna Bolognese

For a little extra spice, try our new ten layer Cajun Chicken Lasagna. Thin homemade pasta sheets are covered with our rich Bolognese sauce, infused with tender strips of Cajun chicken and our red pepper & onion tapenade, finished off with grated cheeses.
Ricotta and Spinach Gourmet Lasagna

A ten layer lasagna for vegetarians. Made with our thin homemade pasta sheets, a vegetarian tomato sauce with a fresh ricotta & spinach filling between each layer.

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